Event videos are one of the best marketing tools that can be used to promote your future events and build your brand, Videos are assets that maintain their value long after the event has finished. They provide a cost effective means of marketing your event over a period of time beyond the weekend or week that the event is on. Footage shoot on the day can be reedited into different formats such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more.

With over 10 years experience working at events all across Sydney our highly experienced production team will capture the essence of your next event perfectly down to every last detail. We offer a wide range of coverage from single to multi-camera set ups to capture with wireless audio capture for your next presentation as well as run and gun video and photography teams to capture all the highlights of your next big event.

We offer a fast turn around on all our work because lets face it, who wants to wait ?





Event Promotion

Looking to promote your next event ? We can assist with everything from motion-graphics to promotional material to go with your next marketing campaign.